NZ0 is a climate conscious, zero fossil fuel alternative to the traditional agricultural industry.

Our goal is to drive change in the agriculture industry by growing food without the use of fossil fuels - thereby reducing fossil fuel use, and emissions in the industry.

We are offering a NZ produce first - in this case premium Central Otago cherries - grown and harvested using zero fossil fuels.

We are also seeking ways to be zero waste, by offering our customers handmade chocolates, using perfectly fine, tasty and high quality cherries that are considered 'waste' by the industry due to slight visual imperfections but taste beyond deliscious.

By supporting NZ0 and purchasing our products you are helping to develop and expand our practices and bring much needed change to the agricultural industry.

  • What is NZ Zero?

    NZ0 is a new consumer category within New Zealand's $10B horticulture industry. We offer the climate conscious consumer food grown and harvested using zero fossil fuels.

  • Who is Forest Lodge Orchard?

    Forest Lodge (FLO) is the first large scale, fully electric commercial farm in the world that uses zero fossil fuels across its growing and harvesting process.

  • Why now?

    The time for action is now, as New Zealand has committed on the international stage to be the global leader of food production sustainability.